About us

Small Business Association (SBA) of Moldova operates successfully since 1998, protects and represents the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Moldova. Moldova on the border with the European Union market.

Mission: is the development of small business and entrepreneurship as a source of new jobs and a factor of social stability.

Purpose: To assist and protect the interests of small business and entrepreneurship at the level of civil society.

Association as a non-political and non-profit, non-governmental organization maintains close ties with international non-governmental organizations in Eastern and Western Europe. SBA is famous organisation and is appreciate for its active style. Mr. Eugen Roscovanu is the President of the Small Business Association.

Since 2013 Mr. Eugen Roscovanu is the National Coordinator of the Working group #2 R. Moldova ("Economic Integration and convergence with the EU Policies") of the National Platform of the Civil Society Forum. Also, memberof the Working Group 2 Council of the EASTERN PARTNERSHIP of the Civil Society Forum.

Small Business Association took part in many events of national and international importance. As a result of its permanent activity in support of small business, SBA has aquired status, appreciation and respect from the part of businessmen. Business people from USA, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Italy, Great Britain and some other countries visited our Small Business Association. The problems of small business of Moldova were discussed.

The geography of SBA branch offices is permanently enlarging, augmenting the number of its members.

At the same time, the Association has strong contacts with international organizations, NGOs of Western and Eastern Europe. There is some periodic information about the activity of the Small Business Association appeared in the national mass media, radio, TV, that certainly discusses the problems the small business people meet with. The Association members actively participate in the discussions on line. The Small Business Association being a non-governmental and non-political organization is open for any new ideas and proposals, and for sound and productive collaboration for the welfare of the country. Thus SBA has gained an opportunity to spread its ideas and to find new solutions for small business support and development.

Services and preferences:

  • Advice on finding partners
  • Information on business in Moldova and its profitability
  • Coaching in business in Moldova
  • How to make your business in Moldova quickly and profitably
  • Other non-governmental activity

The Small Business Association (SBA) is open for any new ideas and proposals, and productive collaboration for the welfare of the country.